Ways To Keep Your 4-Legged Friend Cool

Happy wet havanese dog in an inflatable pool

You’re not the only one out in the backyard breaking a sweat. Man’s best friend is carrying quite the fur coat and the high temperatures will have your pup huffing and puffing. Find out how you can keep your 4-legged friend cool for the rest of the summer!

Keep them Hydrated

For dogs and humans alike, one of the best ways to survive the summer and beat the white is by drinking plenty of water. If Fido is going to be spending an extended amount of time outdoors, make sure he or she has access to a cold bowl of water.

Take Breaks

Every 30 minutes or so, take your pup inside to enjoy some air conditioning. After they catch their breath, head outside to carry on your game of fetch.

Frozen Treats

Why buy processed treats when you make your own? Better yet, why feed your furry love a regular doggie biscuit when you could make homemade, frozen treats to keep them cool when you are playing out in the yard? A few ideas include dog-safe frozen fruits and veggies, “pupsicles” made of peanut butter, frozen kongs, and pup ice cream.

Puppy Pool

Splish, Splash – let your doggie take a sunbath! If your dog isn’t afraid to get a little wet, it will love a body of water to cool off in. All you need is a portable kiddie pool and a hose to fill it.

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It’s All About Timing

If you’re trying to avoid the sun, have playtime early in the morning or after dinner when the sun goes down. If you choose nighttime, your doggie will get their energy out before bedtime too.

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