Do You Need To Warm Up Your Car?

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The mornings are pretty cold this time of year. As you step outside your door, you may even notice that frost has collected on your window over the night. You may be tempted to crank your car a few minutes before it is time to leave for work, so you can warm up your vehicle. The question though is: do you need to? The experts from the Drivin’ & Vibin’ Team have taken the time to explain whether or not you need to warm up your car. Here is the wrap up on warming up your car before driving.

Is It Essential to Allow An Engine to Warm Up?

In the past and with older vehicles, it was absolutely necessary to give your vehicle time to warm up. Now, with models and trims that have the latest technology, it is not as important to let your car warm up. Vehicles can now lubricate essential parts in a matter of minutes.

Driving with a Cold Engine

If you spotted the frost on your windshield, then you have to know that the cold has extended to other parts of your vehicle. This includes your engine and is one of the biggest concerns surrounding warming up your vehicle. Should you head to work, driving with a cold engine?

You may have been taught various things about driving with a cold engine in the past. Whatever you heard, it is not inevitably bad to drive with a cold engine. The main thing to remember is that you need to ease into driving with a cold engine and do not gun down on the accelerator. After all, you have to remember that your engine needs to have proper time to lubricate. This can be done by warming up your car, especially if you have an older model. However, you will be okay as long as you drive cautiously with a cold engine.

Is Starting Your Car Every Day this Winter Necessary?

This answer to this question really depends on how old your vehicle is. If you have a newer model, then it is not necessary to start your car every day during the winter season. Now, if you are the owner of an older model or have an old battery, then it may be a good rule of thumb to crank up your car. Also pay attention to the weather. If the temperature drops to freezing levels, then you may want to step outside to turn on your car for a few minutes, whether old or new.

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The Take Away

It all comes down to if you have an older model and your driving style. Warming up your car is not necessary, older vehicles should be turned on routinely during the winter season, and do not step on the accelerator as your engine warms up while driving on the road. You may want to turn on your car a few minutes early, so the cabin will be nice and toasty for you. However, your vehicle once it is moving will warm up rather quickly. Avoid warming up your car and letting it idle. This is not necessary or ideal.

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