Upgrade Your At-Home Movie Nights

Friends enjoying a movie projected onto a brick wall for movie night

Are your at-home movie nights becoming drab events that aren’t much different from any other binge watching session? Use these super fun movie night ideas to liven things up.

Pick Your Movie Before Hand

Before your friends arrive or your family gathers in the living room, you should already have the movie picked out. People might loose their enthusiasm if 30 minutes are spent searching through the library of your favorite streaming service for a good title. Take suggestions from the friends and family that will be attending. Then poll everyone to decide which movie or movies you’ll be playing.

Make it a Themed Event

Once you’ve picked the movie, you can make things even more interesting by basing your snacks and dress code around the movie. For instance, if you’re watching a movie from the Harry Potter franchise, maybe your guest can arrive in fancy robes. You can order snacks found in the magical world inside the movies like chocolate frogs, butter beer, or pumpkin pasties. Or, if you’re watching a movie like The Godfather you can serve Italian food.

Make a DIY Concession Stand

Alternatively, if your movie doesn’t have an obvious theme, you can create your own DIY concession stand with flavored popcorn, nachos, chili dogs, and sodas.

Use A Projector For A Big Screen

A change of location can really liven things up. Instead of enjoying the movie in your living room, host a backyard movie night with a movie projector and an outdoor screen. If it’s too cold for outdoor viewing, just use the projector to create a huge screen that will be closer to the experience of heading to your nearest movie theatre.

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Decorate and Create a Comfortable Environment

Decorate your living room or outdoor viewing area. Hang  ambient lights and put up a sign that says “Now Playing,” for starters. You can also add a few creature comforts that you wouldn’t be able to get at a movie theatre to make your guest feel comfortable and cozy. Make extra pillows, cushions, and blankets available to all of your guest to enhance their viewing experience.

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