Walk The Town And See These Murals

Wichita Falls

Here in Wichita Falls we have a beautiful city. Among the many attractions in our town is a vibrant art scene, including the many murals that enhance our city. And when you walk the town and see these murals, they’re sure to make you proud to live in Wichita Falls. Or, if you’re a visitor, we hope you enjoying these stunning additions to our downtown.


Located at 104 Scott Street, the Cyclists mural is one of several by Ralph Stearns. The four cyclists featured add a nice touch of color to the downtown area.

Arts For All

This mixed media art contains panels that depict a variety of subjects including historic buildings, churches, animals, landmarks, and more. There have been more than 500 local artists that contributed. Check out Arts For All at 800 Ohio Avenue.

Cleopatra’s Eyes

Take a look at this mural that’s looking right back. Another in the Ralph Stearns collection, Cleopatra’s Eyes is located at 1114 8th Street.

Forever And A Day

Forever And A Day, located at 701 Indiana Avenue, includes the line, “Forever and a day till death do us part,” along the bottom. And for good reason. Artist Sorrow created a beautiful image of a bride and groom skeletal kiss. With the bride in her veil and the groom in a sombrero, this mural is a popular spot for selfies and senior phots.

Imaginative Minds

Previously called Fly’s Gas Station, all of the original architectural elements of the building have been incorporated into this mural at 802 Harding Street. Imaginative Minds, by Selena Mize, is meant to be playful, fun, and vibrant.

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Longhorn Steer

This is Texas. Can we really have a series of murals without depicting a steer? Another Stearns creation, this one is located at 104 East Scott Avenue. Of course that just happens to be the location of The Branding Iron restaurant, and it’s difficult to come up with a better location for a Longhorn Steer mural.


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