Prevent Winter Damage To Your Skin

Woman holding jar of moisturizing cream, closeup

The winter season can be really harsh on your skin. It is important to take care of your skin during the cold months, so that it can stay soft, supple, and overall healthy. Not sure how you can care for your skin during the winter? Here are ten tips to care for your skin in the midst of this cold season.

Use a Humidifier

The cold winter air can dry out your skin, so you need to keep it moisturized. You can boost the level of moisture your skin is getting by using a humidifier in the house as the humidifier puts moisture back into the air, keeping your skin hydrated.

Do Not Crank on the Heat

While the cold frigid air outside can dry out your skin, so can really high thermostat temperatures. As soon as the cold air starts, you may be tempted to crank the heat on high, but this is unnecessary. It is also detrimental for your skin. Instead, try a comfortable temperature setting between 68 and 75 degrees. It does not need to be any warmer in your house.

Lower Water Temperatures

Just like the heat does not need to be on high. You do not need the hot water on while washing your hands or showering. All you need is a 5 to 10 minute warm shower. Keep the water warm while washing your hands as well.

Use Fragrance-Free Cleansers

You may like the appeal of using a cleanser that has a pleasing fragrance, but that fragrance can do more harm than good on your skin during the winter.

Modify Your Skin-Care Routine

The products you use during the summer time are not going to work the same on your skin in winter. Your skin in the summer is oiler due to the heat and humidity, but it is not going to be that way in the winter. Therefore, steer clear of using products with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and retinoids.

Moisturize Often

In the winter, it is essential that you apply a moisturizer, especially on your hands. You are constantly using your hands, and they are exposed to the air. Take care of them. A good rule of thumb is moisturize them right after washing your hands.

Use Sunscreen

It may seem unnecessary on gray winter days, but you need to use sunscreen whenever you are outside. 80 percent of the damaging rays of the sun can get through even the cloudiest of days. Before you step out your door, make sure to apply a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

During the winter season, people opt to wear wool and other cold-weather material. These fabrics, while creating a great layer of warmth for outerwear, can be rough and unkind to skin. Make sure these fabrics are not actually touching your skin. Wear thin cotton clothing in between your skin and the cold-weather fabrics.

Stay Hydrated & Eat Well

The condition of your skin has as much to do with what you put on your body as it does what you put in your body. Make sure you are staying well hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. You should also eat a balanced diet. Stay away from processed foods and foods that contain a lot of sugar.

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Pat, Not Rub

Lastly, when you are getting out of the shower or bath, you need to remember to pat dry versus rubbing yourself dry with the towel. The same goes for washing your hands. Blotting rather than rubbing helps keep in more moisture. Of course, after patting yourself dry, you should always apply a moisturizer.

If you follow these simply steps, then you are sure to have lovely supple skin throughout the winter season.

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