DIY Fall Home Decor

One of the best things about fall is that as the season turns cooler, it’s time to think about changing up the decorations in your home. That doesn’t always mean that you have to have pumpkins everywhere. After all, the decorations you choose reflect your personality. Our friends over at Mod Podge Rocks have 40 ideas for do-it-yourself autumn decorations, including many that you can share with your children. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Easy Peasy

One of the things you don’t want to do is make decorating so complicated that you don’t enjoy it. The changing of the seasons is a fun time, so keep the ‘fun’ part foremost in your mind. Here’s a great (and inexpensive) idea: Use a balloon, some Mod Podge Stiffy, and some plastic leaves in brilliant fall colors to make a beautiful leaf-bowl. One of the best things about this craft is that it’s easy enough for beginners young or old to complete.

And if you’re in a Western state of mind, you could go gnome, gnome on the range (pardon the pun) with these simple fall gnomes. Again, the skill-level here is pretty basic. Even people who have never crafted before can follow these easy directions to make a gnome using a paper cone. You’ll be doing some cutting (using templates), painting, and attaching things using adhesive.

A Challenge

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, here’s an idea: A fall sign. While the tutorial from Mod Podge Rocks is is for a wooden board, you can use other surfaces — like a canvas — to create the same effect. One of the reasons this project is a little more challenging is because you’ll need to keep the letters from wrinkling. Are you up to the challenge? Another great, easy idea: painted acorns. It sounds simple, but it’s a wonderful way to add a pop of color to your living space.

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If you’re going to work with your children to decorate for fall, keep sharp instruments like scissors under a close watch. Safety first!

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