5 Reasons To Maintain An Oil Change Schedule

Close up of the hand of an asian mechanic. Auto mechanic is checking the engine oil in a vehicle at the garage. Maintenance concept.

Every vehicle owner at some point and time has said “why do I need to get an oil change anyways?” If you’re second-guessing an oil change, think again. Not only are oil changes quick and inexpensive, but they make a huge impact on the health of your vehicle’s engine. Ensure you can drive your vehicle for another ten years by sticking to your oil change schedule for these five reasons.

Extend Your Engine

No one likes to empty their wallet for a new engine. While oil changes may seem like an unnecessary small expense, this small cost could keep you from having to buy a new engine for years. Not only will it last longer, but it will perform better.

Gas Mileage

These days, we are all on the search for ways to save a buck on gas. If your motor is running at an optimal level, it will eat up less gas. The price of an oil change is less than the price of a full tank of gas, so what are you waiting on?

A Clean Engine is a Happy Engine

Not only will an oil change save you money and help your vehicle perform better, but it will keep your engine clean. Over time, so much grime and dirty debris will build up in your engine, and the oil takes on the tough job to absorb that unwanted sludge.

Lubricates the Engine

Doing away with the debris is just as important as keeping your engine lubricated, and fresh oil does that too. To run efficiently, your engine requires fresh oil to stay lubricated.

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Save Money

We’ve said it, and we will say it again! Everyone likes saving money. Did you know a properly cared for vehicle engine can last you a whopping 100,000 miles? That’s a whole lot of road trips!

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