Avoid The Chill With These Indoor Hobbies

Granny teach granddaughter knitting with needles

Granny teach granddaughter knitting with needles

As the temperatures begin to drop, it can be tempting to just stay indoors. While you may not want to go out, that does not mean you cannot be productive. There are plenty of fun and creative hobbies to try while you stay warm and cozy inside the house. Try some of these inspired indoor activities.


Knitting is not just a hobby for your grandmother. When the weather gets cold, knitting can be a relaxing and almost therapeutic activity to do indoors. What’s more, when you are knitting, you are creating something you will be able to use later. Knit a scarf, a beanie, or even a tea cozy.


Calligraphy may seem like a lost art, but it is finding its way again. Many people are taking up calligraphy as a fun indoor hobby. And it is not just for letter writing. People are using calligraphy to make creative wall decor and wedding signs. Want to find a way to make a little extra income? Try calligraphy!


You want to avoid the cold but still get down and dirty with a project. You certainly can if you take up woodworking. While you may want to move your projects into the garage or basement, woodworking is an excellent way to express yourself creatively. Whether you begin with some simple coasters or something for dynamic like an entertainment center, woodworking is a great indoor hobby.


You have plenty of pictures from events, vacations, and holidays throughout your lifetime, but what do you do with all the photos? You only have so much wall space, but you can’t quite let go of these precious momentos. You don’t have to if you have the right material. With some colorful paper, pens, stickers, glue, and your favorite photos, you can create an amazing scrapbook filled with awesome memories.

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As you are making that cake, building that coat rack, or knitting that scarf, take note of the steps you took to make it and how the process went. Be sure to also gather photographic evidence along the making process. Once you are done, share your experience in a blog. What better way to record the event than through a blog? Whether you prefer to write your blogs from the comfort of your home or in a toasty coffee shop with your favorite seasonal latte, blogging can be another great hobby to take up as you avoid the cold weather.

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